North Coast Composites, Tool & Mold Cleveland, Ohio, US
Paul Fabrications Derby, UK
Tods Aerospace Yeovil, UK
Tods Defence Portland, UK

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Unitech Aerospace fosters innovation across all its sites, and has a reputation for responsiveness coupled with high-value solutions for its customers.

Unitech Composites manufactures and assembles advanced composites – both structural and nonstructural – for aerospace customers across the globe.

Tods Aerospace specializes in advanced composite materials technology for aerospace applications. The team enhances the performance of vital defense systems, aircraft interiors, and air transport equipment worldwide.

Tods Defence specializes in advanced materials technology for sea and land systems. The facility's technologies enhance the performance of vital defense systems, communications networks, and transport equipment worldwide.

Paul Fabrications develops and manufactures complex, high-precision, fabricated and machined metallic components and assemblies for the aerospace and power generation industries.

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